International Higher Education

Welcome to the International Higher Education Professional Network.

The International Higher Education Network (IHEN) has been formed to help encourage awareness amongst AUA members of the international dimension to higher education. This group will provide an ideal opportunity to get involved in the international work of the AUA – and to help develop that work in the future.


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International Higher Education Coordinator 

Coordinator - David Law MAUA


The IHEN is a focus for the organisation and support of the AUA’s considerable range of international activities including support for AUA members to travel internationally and to raise awareness of international perspectives on higher education within the AUA membership more generally.

The IHEN exists:

  • To provide specialist advice to the AUA Board of Trustees in relation to international matters, both proactively and in response to requests from the Board
  • To promote awareness and understanding amongst AUA members of the international dimension to higher education
  • To support members in gaining a greater understanding of the international dimension of higher education through promoting and encouraging opportunities for AUA members based in the UK and Ireland to gain experiences in other countries
  • To assist the Board of Trustees in promoting and selecting recipients of Travel Awards
  • To assist the Board of Trustees in developing Study Tours
  • To contribute to the AUA Annual Conference by proposing and advising on appropriate sessions relevant to the international dimension in higher education
  • To support the network of AUA international links with partner organisations in other countries and to develop links in countries without such partnerships
  • To network with other organisations and sources of expertise within and outside the higher education sector
  • To assist AUA in disseminating good practice gained through international interactions, through publications and events
  • To provide a forum for AUA members to discuss areas of shared interest around the international dimension in higher education.



The IHEN is specifically designed to be a group for anyone working in any capacity who have an interest in how HEIs operate in different national and international contexts.

Enthusiasm and a willingness to bring ideas for activities inside and outside of the UK and Ireland are the most important qualities of IHEN members!

All AUA international correspondents with partner organisations will automatically become members of the IHEN. Other AUA members who may find membership of the IHEN particularly beneficial will include recipients of travel awards and members of Study Tours. Membership remains, however, completely open to all AUA members with an interest in the work of the IHEN.

To join the International Higher Education Professional Network please email the AUA.

This AUA network is open to anyone, regardless of whether or not they are an AUA member.

If you are an AUA member you will have access to the network’s mailing list and website on Just login, click on the my interests tab and under the my groups section you should be able to see your new networks. The network pages will provide you with the latest forums, document shares, resources, and events.

If you are not an AUA member, you will be able to send and receive emails through the network’s mailing list, however you won’t get access to all of the extended resources. Joining the AUA will not only give you access to the latest forums, document shares, and resources for your network; it will also give you an unrivalled opportunity to network beyond this group, with colleagues across the globe. You will also get access to our events discounts, our accredited membership programme and professional development opportunities. Find out more about joining the AUA