Introducing the CPD Framework & Mark of Excellence

The AUA CPD Framework of behaviours has been in use across the sector since 2009, and has been refreshed and relaunched in 2016.  In March 2016 the AUA launched a new development, the AUA Mark of Excellence in the application of the AUA CPD Framework for the development of professional services staff in higher education. This will provide a tool to enable higher education institutions to make even better use of the framework, and will enable AUA members to use the framework to develop comprehensive and consistent pathways for personal and professional development within their own organisation. 


CPD Framework

The Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Framework supports HE professional services staff across the UK in their career development.

The framework was the outcome of a highly collaborative two year project jointly funded by AUA, HEFCE (Leadership, Governance and Management funding), LfHE and HEA and has been in use since 2009.  

The second edition of the framework, revised and refreshed, was launched at AUA's annual conference in March 2016.

The framework is a highly adaptable and versatile tool, capable of supporting a wide scope of developments for organisations and for individuals. It was designed with professional service staff in mind but has been used much more widely with staff and even with students. 

What the framework adds

The framework provides an additional perspective that complements and enhances the traditional information that we are all familiar with, for example a job description and personal specification:

cpd framework job description person specification


Using the framework brings substantial benefits, including

  • enhancing institutional performance through high quality staff
  • developing management and leadership capability
  • enabling succession planning
  • providing a framework for sustainable practice in career planning
  • fostering equality and diversity of development opportunities across the sector.


The Mark of Excellence in the application of the AUA CPD Framework for the development of professional services staff in higher education

Launched in March 2016 at the AUA's Annual Conference, the AUA Mark of Excellence is a new award for Higher Education Institutions which recognises that the organisation has demonstrated its commitment to working with the AUA Statement of Values and CPD Framework and has embedded them into its organisational development provision.

Committing to working towards the Mark of Excellence allows your organisation to:

  • demonstrate an equal commitment to the development of professional service staff as other staff
  • indicate its commitment to improved outcomes for students, staff and other stakeholders through building the effectiveness of their professional services staff
  • celebrate high quality education, training and development of professional services staff
  • demonstrate to potential employees that they will be offered excellent personal and professional development opportunities